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‘Cheat Days’ Work—But You Might Be Doing Them Wrong – Verily

Verily 'Cheat Days' Work—But You Might Be Doing Them WrongVerilyMost people end up throwing up their hands and giving up or stuck in an endless cycle of diet fads. In the wake of restrictive dieting, the idea of the "cheat day" has emerged. You eat really well all week, work out just as you should—and […]

Weight loss has our eating wrong – Tech Insider – Tech Insider

Tech Insider Weight loss has our eating wrong – Tech InsiderTech InsiderOur quest for thinness is actually making us far less healthy—even killing us—and not for the reasons you'd think.and more » View full post on “diet fads” – Google News

Epic fall: Internet idol’s diet review gone wrong (VIDEO) – Coconuts Bangkok

Coconuts Bangkok Epic fall: Internet idol's diet review gone wrong (VIDEO)Coconuts BangkokWhile this internet idol's sexiness is no doubt "off the chart," she has once again broken the internet not for her smouldering looks but for her ability to fall in such an epicly funny manner. After becoming famous for her sexy chair dance fall […]

Diet Fads: You’ve got It All Wrong – Yahoo News

Yahoo News Diet Fads: You've got It All WrongYahoo NewsWhen was the last time you ordered a sandwich which wasn't made in brown bread? Or, had a full Indian meal, cooked at home and served with the desi makhan (white butter, not Amul) without cringing in guilt? Is an egg yolk on your plate still […]

One sentence that explains why nearly everything we think about food is wrong – Vox

One sentence that explains why nearly everything we think about food is wrongVoxTo borrow a quotation from Teicholz's tome, there's a really good reason why scientifically flawed diet fads won't change any time soon: "The food world is particularly prey to consumption, because so much money is made on food and so much depends on …and […]

Getting the Statin Story Wrong: Physician-‘Journalists’ Must Do a Better Job – MedPage Today

Getting the Statin Story Wrong: Physician-'Journalists' Must Do a Better JobMedPage Today… Award for Innovations in Journalism. His blog – which is embedded within – was voted 2009 Best Medical Blog in competition hosted by MOST READ IN Blogs. 1. New Diet Fads – What You Need To Know. 1/17/2013. View full post […]

Are Jenny McCarthy’s Views Wrong for ‘The View’? – MedPage Today

MedPage Today Are Jenny McCarthy's Views Wrong for 'The View'?MedPage Today… websites in 1997. Dr. Berman also authored a monthly column for Washington Parent Magazine. MOST READ IN Blogs. 1. Kelly Ripa Diagnoses Herself With Mysterious Neurological Disorder. 9/12/2011. |. 34. 2. New Diet Fads – What You Need To Know.and more » View full post […]

Gabourey Sidibe’s ‘weight loss’: A Photoshop prank gone wrong – Washington Post (blog)

Gabourey Sidibe's 'weight loss': A Photoshop prank gone wrongWashington Post (blog)Along with the terrible Photoshop job was an even worse story about a fake new diet fad that supposedly helped Gabby lose “179 ponds in 16 weeks”. What's significantly disappointing is there are people out there desperate enough to try something like … View full […]

Researchers Say Gluten-Free Is A Waste Of Money; Here’s Why They’re Wrong – BlissTree

BlissTree Researchers Say Gluten-Free Is A Waste Of Money; Here's Why They're WrongBlissTreeby Briana Rognlin | 2 Comments | Share a Tip Gluten-free diets have rapidly gained popularity in health conscious circles, so much so that many believe that gluten “sensitivity” or “intolerance” is just the latest diet fad—a weight loss method …Gluten-free doesn't mean […]

Could the Right Foods be the Wrong Foods for you?

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