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Ask the Dietitian: What’s the food fad coming this year? – Ask the Dietitian: What's the food fad coming this year?NRToday.comQ: We are always being told to eat a new food to be healthy, what's the new diet fad coming in 2017? A: The food/restaurant industry is very creative in developing new products to keep their customers interested, with food magazines, food shows and … View […]

What’s up with bone broth? – Coeur d’Alene Press

What's up with bone broth?Coeur d’Alene PressHowever, books and diet fads recently have moved bone broth into the limelight. Clinically, bone broth has no absolute proof of being a superfood with miraculous health benefits, but it also has a pretty good track record for being a healthy source of … View full post on “diet […]

What’s on TV today, Dec. 30 – San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle What's on TV today, Dec. 30San Francisco ChronicleThe film, based on the Bay Area writer's recent book, is a plainspoken, no-nonsense answer to every diet, fad or otherwise, not to mention all those seemingly contradictory warnings from week to week about what foods are supposed to be dangerous …and more » View full […]

What’s Not a Side Effect of Yo-Yo Dieting – NDTV

NDTV What's Not a Side Effect of Yo-Yo DietingNDTVWhat's Not a Side Effect of Yo-Yo Dieting Yo-yo dieting also known as 'weight cycling' is a continuing pattern of gaining and losing weight. People often achieve this by skipping meals, following the latest fad diet and then discontinuing it, bouts of …and more » View full post […]

Kelly Ripa’s High-Alkaline Cleanse: What’s Behind the Latest Diet Trend – PEOPLE Great Ideas

PEOPLE Great Ideas Kelly Ripa's High-Alkaline Cleanse: What's Behind the Latest Diet TrendPEOPLE Great IdeasNO ONE should be taking diet fad advice from her! She's clearly been anorexic for YEARS!!!! Guest on June 1st, 2015. Kelly Ripa just grates. I find her unwatchable especially when they first come out on stage at the beginning of […]

Scientist who discovered gluten allergy clarifies his stance on what’s become … – Washington Times

Scientist who discovered gluten allergy clarifies his stance on what's become …Washington TimesHis finding, in part, led to the gluten-free wave that overtook food producers and grocery marketers and gave rise to the diet fad. But Mr. Gibson thought more research was needed, Raw Story reported. So in 2013, he conducted a new study and […]

You Are What You Eat: What’s a healthy fat? – Ballard News Tribune

You Are What You Eat: What's a healthy fat?Ballard News TribuneFirst, don't give in to the most recent diet fad, whatever it may be. And second, don't assume that "low-fat" is necessarily healthy, or that you should eat one kind of fat exclusively. It is true that saturated fats (the ones that are hard at […]

What’s cold is new again – U-T San Diego

What's cold is new againU-T San DiegoThe hot new diet fad may be in your freezer. Strike that, it might be you – freezing. Not literally. Researchers in the Netherlands say that an often overlooked tool in losing weight is the surrounding temperature. No, we're not talking about standing … View full post on “diet […]

What’s Up With Those Necklaces MLB Players Wear? – MedPage Today

What's Up With Those Necklaces MLB Players Wear?MedPage Today… practice websites in 1997. Dr. Berman also authored a monthly column for Washington Parent Magazine. MOST READ IN Blogs. 1. Peanut Butter Alzheimer's Test Not Passing the Sniff Test. 10/11/2013. |. 6. 2. New Diet Fads – What You Need To Know. View full post on […]

What’s hot, what’s next on restaurant menus – Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News What's hot, what's next on restaurant menusNation’s Restaurant NewsShe added that, similar to the Atkins Diet fad, most customers would likely come back to gluten soon. Kruse pointed to Sriracha sauce — now a flavor gracing chain menus across the country — as one of thee currently “cool” ingredients. Another is the […]

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