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Korean doctors express concern over recent ‘high-fat, low-carb’ diet fad – Arirang News

Arirang News Korean doctors express concern over recent 'high-fat, low-carb' diet fadArirang NewsKorean doctors express concern over recent 'high-fat, low-carb' diet fad Updated: 2016-10-26 22:46:19 KST. Recently, Korea's seen a nationwide surge in sales of cheese, butter, and pork belly while sales of rice continue to fall. This after several TV …Doctors warn of risks […]

Five diet plans never ever to try – Red Deer Express

Five diet plans never ever to tryRed Deer ExpressAnother single-food diet fad that's been around for years is the Grapefruit Diet. Eat some form of grapefruit at every meal for 12 days while consuming less than 1,000 calories in food. Proponents of this diet claim grapefruit contains an enzyme with …and more » View full post […]

Diets on the Edge – The New Indian Express

Diets on the EdgeThe New Indian ExpressIf you think sleeping for weeks to stay fit is weird, wait till we tell you about another diet fad. How about eating creepy-crawly? They are microscopic to justify their size, and are living organisms which can gnaw away at the adipose tissues hanging … View full post on […]

The Wonders Diets Don’t Do – The New Indian Express

The New Indian Express The Wonders Diets Don't DoThe New Indian ExpressMuch as it may sound like a tongue twister, paleo vegan diet is what has caught the fancy of those who want to lose weight fast. This year's latest diet fad, like every year, has people talking about the benefit combining the goodness of […]

Do or diet – Financial Express

Do or dietFinancial ExpressFrom 'no-carbohydrate' and 'high-protein' meal plans to the popular Dr Atkins and GM diets, we have witnessed many new diet fads come and go over the years. Experts spill the beans on what's trending this year. By: Anirudh Vohra | June 20, 2015 10:25 … View full post on “diet fads” – […]

Doctors Express – West Orange – Put Health First –

Doctors Express – West Orange – Put Health FirstTAPinto.netThe Internet bombards us with diet fads that aren't designed to promote long-term changes in eating habits. Because diets are considered to be temporary, you should think of it as a healthy lifestyle change instead. Begin with short-term goals, such as … View full post on “diet […]

Coeliac disease is a hidden issue – Marlborough Express

Marlborough Express Coeliac disease is a hidden issueMarlborough Express… a strict gluten-free diet. "People who don't understand coeliac disease think that if you say you are gluten-free that you are just part of the, currently trendy, gluten-free diet fad, but actually for many coeliacs it's a life-threatening illness …Coeliac disease affects high numbersTVNZ all 25 […]

Blooper alert! – Indian Express

Indian Express Blooper alert!Indian ExpressWhen quizzed about her own fitness regime, the actress stated that she does not follow unnecessary diet fads and believes in keeping a healthy lifestyle. “I have four-pack abs myself,” quipped D'Cruz. No politics! With the elections mania going on, it …and more » View full post on “diet fads” – Google […]

The Marie Antoinette Diet – Financial Express

The Marie Antoinette DietFinancial ExpressDiet Fads come and go almost in line with the seasons. From Atkins to South Beach, Dukan, Mediterranean and GI, they have ebbed and flowed, depending on media coverage and word-of-mouth, mostly just a popular fad of the moment. Now, we have … View full post on “diet fads” – Google News

Obesity Cannot be Resolved by Eating Cotton Balls – Guardian Express

Obesity Cannot be Resolved by Eating Cotton BallsGuardian ExpressOne of the most recently publicized diet fads is the consumption of cotton balls, which are usually made from polyester, to make a person feel full. This is one of the most recent bad ideas, encouraged by teenagers. The majority of us probably do not … View […]

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